My name is Anastasia and I am a photographer. I love working with people. I have been doing photography for 6 years and captured over 700 families and 150 events in 7 states. I also love editing and edit in more than 20 different styles, which you can find in my GALLERIES. Besides photography I love interior design, styling, and creating beautiful handmade props. All the set-ups/compositions you see in my CREATIVE portfolio were created by me and you are more than welcome to have them as a photo-booth on your event❤️Another exciting news is that I am teaching photography, photo-editing, and marketing in photography business now at @IAMCREATIVESCHOOL which is also based in my beautiful studio @IAMCREATIVESPACE

I created this website for you. That’s the 10th version of my website, I have been remaking it every couple months because I really want my website to be useful and informative for you.

Accordingly to all marketing rules on my home page I should “attract and capture you”, haha! But to be honest, that’s not who I am. And I hate to sell or feel like I am being sold something, so the main purpose of this website is to INTRODUCE myself and my work. I would love you to actually explore my galleries (since I am editing and photographing in so many genres for 7 years in 7 different states I have over 2000 photos in my galleries), get to know me and find some cool tips in my blog, share your thoughts and ideas, and just enjoy it!

If you feel like I am a good match for you, just shoot me a message or give me a call and I will be so-so happy to chat with you! 

Thank you for checking it out and hope you will have a wonderful day!

With Love,

And that’s why I ALWAYS share with you a post with all the info and visuals on how to get ready for our photoshoot! 

Ahh.. We all know how difficult it’s sometimes to coordinate time for an outdoor photo session. I would never want you to get cold, hot, or wet. So if weather conditions are bad, I always allow my costumers to reschedule the photoshoot at no additional charge! I also understand that “life happens”, so no worries! Just let me know if you need to reschedule!

I want you to be happy and I also understand that sometimes you need the photos as soon as possible and I’m happy to do that for you, just let me know!

You are not required to be a professional model or pose to get beautiful photos! I promise! You simply need to be yourself!

Yes, I mean all of them, as many as we captured! No disruptive watermarks or low-quality resolution. Many photographers charge fees for additional photos, that are not included into the package, but not me! I don’t think it is fair to a customer to miss out on their beautiful smiles because of unfair add-ons.

I understand how crazy life is sometimes, and I would love you to enjoy beautiful photos no matter how your financial situation is. We can always discuss what payment option that  works for your budget and make it work.

IAMPHOTOGRAPHYUSA always stands for its costumers and is always happy to provide you with a document that secures your appointment or booking time for the important day.

I stay in touch with you. All emails are responded within 24 hours.

You pick what you want to include! You may get digitals and prints, or no prints. You may do a miniSESSION or a full session! You can get no edited photos or 200 edited photos. No limits here.

Every month IAMPHOTOGRAPHYUSA gives away a photoshoot, offers new miniSESSIONs, discounts, and special packages. Follow me on social medias to to stay updated: @iamphotographyusa.

Besides being a professional and creative photographer, I am also just a cool person who loves traveling! I am currently photographing in 7 states (east coast- NY, DC, VA, MD; south- FL, GA; northwest-WA). I have also photographed in 5 countries: Russia, Croatia, Italy, Slovakia, and the Bahamas. I love meeting creative people and exploring new destinations, so please don’t hesitate to contact me from anywhere, I might be coming to your city next week!

Another cool thing I would love to share is that I love decorating and creating set-ups for different occasions. All the photos you are seeing above were not just taking by me, but I also fully hand-made, set up, or even built! In Jan 2021 I opened my first studio location that anyone can rent on hourly basis at Tacoma, WA! Check out the website for all the info and galleries: !

it might be useful


For sure we would like to avoid rain, wind, heat, or cold, these conditions are definitely not going to help us create beautiful work, unless we have an assistant, heater, water, or anything that would help your family to feel warm/cool or just comfortable. In case of bad weather conditions, I usually offer to reschedule to save your money and time.

• SUNNY day

I am more than happy to have our session on a sunny day, however, we might need to follow some rules to get the best lighting:

-If possible, have the session before 10 am or after 4 pm.

-Choose a location where we could hide from the sun (shadows, trees, buildings, whatever you prefer).

• CLOUDY day

Cloudy weather is perfect for an outside photoshoot! We can go anywhere at anytime!

My purpose is to make our photoshoot convenient, as well as creative and memorable. Location is a big part of a successful photography session. Location helps to create the atmosphere and express the style you would like to show on your photos. It can be historical, romantic, tropical, country-style, urban, and a lot more. We can go to a park, or visit historical center, we can see the mountains, waterfalls, or botanical gardens, whatever your heart wishes.

I am a very active person and whenever I have a free minute I explore: for the past 5 years I have been in more than 270 locations in DC, VA, MD, FL, NY, MA, PA, WA, and even on the Bahamas.

In order to choose the perfect location for you I would like to know some details:

-What area/city are you located at?

-How far are you willing to travel?

-What style of session would you prefer to have: romantic/urban/historical/more nature?

Please feel free to include this small questions to your inquiry and I will be happy to offer you some options right away!


Photos will be delivered within 10 business days, starting with the next day after the photography session.


Photos will be delivered within 10 business days, starting with the day you have shared photos for detailed editing.


Extended delivery is always available by an inquiry.




EVENTS: 50% deposit required.

PHOTO SESSION: 50% deposit required (except miniSESSION).


CONTRACT & INVOICE as a verification of booking.