Dear Friend,

If you are here, I guess we are going to meet very soon and I would be happy to give you some tips on how to get ready for the photoshoot!
First of all, I would like to say, that this is a very individual thing to discuss, since all of us have different preferences for outfits, styles, and ideas for the photoshoot; different types of hair, skin and eyes’ colors, and etc.. Pinterest has collected all the information for us, so feel free to follow links in this post to learn more, and I will just share with you some basics on where to start. I will try my best to provide you with commonly necessary information on how to:

Match the colors 

Choose right makeup and hairstyle

Let’s start with MATCHING THE COLORS

Studio or outdoor? Winter, spring, summer, or autumn? Nature or city? Old town or megapolis? Sunny or cloudy? All of that has an influence on your choice, but don’t be scared! We got it! Let’s make it simpler for everyone and just look at the magical wheel:

Here are five ways (actually a lot more, but we will be good with five) to match the colors:

Let’s just look at the wheel and suppose what colors would look good accordingly on the style you would like to express, decoration/props, or location, time of the year, and weather’s conditions.

If you are looking for something contrasty and flashy– choose Complementary Colors. For example, If we are planning to have a photoshoot at a garden with lots of greens and bushes: red or brown-red dress would look contrasting and will attract the attention.

But if you’re looking for something not that colorful, you would need to pay attention at Analogous Pallet . For example, if we are having a fall photoshoot at a forest with lots of orange, brown, and yellow leafs: you would need to take a look on red, orange, and different shades of warm colors. That will make photos more harmonic and balanced.


This is even a more individual thing than the outfits, so let me give you just a couple of common advices (unless we are doing something especially colorful and crazy):

KEEP YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY: use minimum of makeup (tone, mascara, light lipstick, eyeshadows).

DON’T USE GLITTER MAKEUP, ONLY MATTE: you and I see glitter as glitter, but! Glitter for camera is a small particle the reflects light, hence on the photos it looks like a small white spot. I don’t recommend to use glitter at any makeup you do for the photoshoot, especially lipstick, eyeshadows, tone, or blush.

HAIR: for ladies light waves or curls always look amazing. For gentlemen- pretty sure you know what to do 😬

Thank you for reading! I just would like to remind you, that everything is very individual and we are going to discuss all the details with you personally, I will also prepare a list of recommendations for each of my clients!

I look forward to working with you!

Best wishes,

*** Please notice, that I am also a licensed make up artist and stylist and would be happy to provide you with this service as well! 🙂